Dr. Robert Finlayson

Director/ Co-founder of TSPC

Robert Finlayson is a Sexual Health Physician and also a Vocationally Registered General Practitioner. He has over 30 years clinical experience in Sexual Health & HIV Medicine. Formerly NSW state chairman of the Australasian College of Sexual Health Physicians, he was elected by his peers to Senior Fellowship in 1998. Robert is a Founding Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Dr Finlayson was coauthor of the 1985 Lancet paper that characterised HIV Seroconversion Illness and he chaired The Primary HIV Infection (seroconversion) Working Group at The National Centre in HIV Epidemiology & Clinical Research (now the Kirby Institute).

His research interests include the diagnosis & management if HIV seroconversion, sexually transmitted infections & chronic hepatitis.

Dr Finlayson has been continuously active in HIV and Sexual Health clinical care, research and teaching since 1981 and is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at The University of NSW.

Dr Finlayson’s usual days at the clinic are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (fortnightly).

Dr. Cathy Pell


Dr Cathy Pell is a Director of the Clinic, having first been employed here in 1997.

She also has a staff specialist position at St George Hospital Sexual Health Clinic (Short ST Centre), Kogarah.

She qualified as a GP in the early 1980’s and worked in GP and Family Planning clinics for many years, before qualifying as a Sexual Health Physician in 2007.

She has extensive experience in primary care of people with HIV, STIs and other sexual health issues, including transgender. She worked as a Sexual Health Physician for 2 years in the Northern Territory during 2008-10. She has been an investigator in numerous multicentre clinical trials in sexual health and HIV. She has developed and delivered medical education in sexual health and HIV, and been involved in developing state and national STI and HIV related guidelines working with ASHM in these areas for several years.

Dr. Neil Bodsworth MD

Sexual Health Physician

Neil Bodsworth is a Sexual Health Physician practicing at TSPC. He coordinated the clinic’s busy research program until March 2009. His two major research interests are the clinical interactions of HIV with other sexually transmissible infections and the chemotherapy of viral STIs.

Dr Bodsworth first became involved in clinical drug trials in 1988 when he coordinated the Australian participation in the early placebo-controlled studies of AZT for asymptomatic HIV infection. Since then he has acted as Investigator on some 40 clinical trials of antiviral agents including 19 studies of drugs to treat human herpes virus infections. He published 37 papers in the scientific literature of which 12 relate to herpes.

Dr Bodsworth is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Sexual Health Physicians since 1989, and has served on STI advisory boards for government, academia and industry. His doctoral thesis examined the interaction of HIV infection and the human hepatotrophic viruses.

Dr Bodsworth’s usual days at the clinic are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (fortnightly).

Dr. Matthew Shields

Sexual Health Physician / General Practitioner

Matthew Shields is a Sexual Health Physician and is a qualified General Practitioner. He also speaks Brazilian Portugues.

His expertise and interests include HIV medicine, viral hepatitis (including treatment for Hepatitis B and C), sexually transmitted infections, PrEP and dermatology.

Dr Shields’ usual days at the clinic are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (fortnightly).

Dr. Linda Dayan

Sexual Health Physician

Linda Dayan is a Sexual Health Physician and has worked with patients with HIV and other STI’s in New Zealand, London and Sydney for since 1989. In addition to her work at Taylor Square Clinic, she was Head of Department, Sexual Health, at Royal North Shore Hospital and Director of Sexual Health Services, Northern Sydney Health Services for 11 years and wrote a monthly sexual health column for an Australian medical magazine.

In 2007 she trained in cosmetic medicine and now provides Sculptura (Facial fillers) for HIV positive clients who are eligible under the PBS at Taylor Square Clinic. She also works one day a week in a private cosmetic clinic.

Dr Dayan completed her medical degree in 1983 and has been a Fellow of the Australasian College of Sexual Health Physicians since 1995. She obtained a Masters in Medicine in 1996 and her thesis examined the toxicity and safety of an antiretroviral in patients with HIV and worked at a busy HIV hospital in London in 1996.

Dr Dayan’s usual days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Dr. Rachel Burdon

Sexual Health Physician

Dr Rachel Burdon has been working in Sexual Health and HIV for over 15 years and first starting working at Taylor Square Private Clinic in 2000.

She recently returned to the clinic following a 7 year stint in Vietnam where she worked to help set up HIV treatment clinics nationwide.
She completed her fellowship in General Practice (FRACGP) in 2002 and also holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from UNSW and an Australasian Fellowship in Public Health Medicine. She has completed the Diploma of HIV Medicine/Sexual Health at Sydney University and the Family Planning Association Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health.
Dr Burdon has worked in HIV, sexual and reproductive health and maternal/child health projects in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and China.
Her major interests are sexual health, HIV medicine, medical management of transgender issues, women’s health and preventive health care. She also looks after a number of nursing home patients at Sr Anne Court and Gertrude Abbott nursing home.

Dr Burdon’s usual days at the clinic are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Dr. John Byrne

Sexual Health Physician

John Byrne graduated from the University of New South Wales some time in the last century. He has worked at TSPC since 1991, apart from a 2 year stint in Tasmania 2003-2005.

He is interested in gay mens health and general practice. His other interests are classical music, swimming and pinot noir.

Dr Byrne’s usual days at the clinic are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (fortnightly).

Dr. Terri Foran

Sexual Health Physician

Terri Foran is a Sexual Health Physician who has a special interest in women’s sexual and reproductive health with particular expertise in the areas of contraception, menopause and the management of sexually transmitted infections. She was the Medical Director of FPA Health from 1998 to 2004.

Dr Foran is also a Lecturer at the University of New South Wales in the School of Women’s and Children’s Health and medical officer at the Research Unit at The Royal Hospital for Women.

Dr Foran regularly presents to medical practitioners and allied health professionals on sexual and reproductive health topics and currently she is the President of the NSW Sexual Health Society and a Committee member of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine.

Dr Foran has a long-standing interest in medical journalism and is currently the monthly Women’s Health columnist for Australian Doctor Magazine as well as being a regular contributor to both professional and popular publications on sexual health issues. She was the medical advisor on a book on contraception published by Choice in 2002 and was a contributor to an Australian book on Sexual and Reproductive Health issues published in 2005.

Dr Foran’s usual day at the clinic is Thursday.

Dr. Louise Tomlins

Registered General Practitioner (GP)

Louise Tomlins has worked at TSPC since 2003. She is a Registered GP, S100 Prescriber and is on the Training Program to become a Sexual Health Physician. She has a certificate in Family Planning and is an antenatal shared care GP affiliated with Royal Hospital for Women.

She has an interest in sexually transmitted infections, HIV medicine and womens health.

Dr Tomlins’ usual days at the clinic are Tuesday and Friday.

Dr Heidi Spillane


Heidi has a broad range of experience in general practice, sexual health and HIV medicine in both international and local settings. She has been responsible for the medical management of HIV projects in Uganda, China and Kenya with the humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontieres, and has worked in busy sexual health clinics in Sydney and London.
Now settled in Sydney, Heidi’s interest is in working together with patients to achieve the best outcomes for their health and wellbeing.
She is committed to furthering her medical knowledge and skills, and is a trainee of the Royal Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, and has completed a Masters of International Public Health at Sydney University. She is a registered prescriber of HIV medicines.

Louise Houtzager

Dietitian (APD)

Louise Houtzager is an accredited practising dietitian (APD) with over 13 years clinical experience in Nutrition and Dietetics. Louise provides nutrition and lifestyle counselling for health maintenance and the management of chronic diseases including HIV, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease and gastrointestinal disorders.

Louise has a special interest in sports nutrition and has a BSc in Human Movement (Exercise Science), in addition to her MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics. Louise is a Fellow of the University of Wollongong (UOW) and provides nutrition lectures to both UOW and the University of Sydney Dietetics students.

Louise can help you achieve your health goals using food and lifestyle changes that can be incorporated into your busy daily life. Ask your GP for more information or book an appointment through the Clinic reception.

Louise’s usual day at the clinic is Thursday.

Lucy Kalangi

Practice Manager

Lucy joined Taylor Square in 2002 and became Practice Manager in 2004.


Clinical Trials Co-Ordinator


Clinical Trials Co-Ordinator


Practice Nurse


Practice Nurse

Ruth Hennessy


Ruth’s usual day at the clinic is Wednesday.

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