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Taylor Square Private Clinic - Local Darlinghurst Doctor & Family Medical Centre. Sexual Health clinic, STI treatment, HIV medicine and prevention, PREP Prescriptions, 393 Bourke street Darlinghurst NSW



Taylor Square Private Clinic provides comprehensive medical care to all. We have a strong focus on HIV, hepatitis and sexual and reproductive health and aim to provide the best possible health care to all patients regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnic and religious background, income, social and legal status.


About Us

Taylor Square Private Clinic opened its doors on Taylor Square in 1981, with a focus on sexual health and general practice care. After the discovery of HIV in the early 1980s the practice has become one of Sydney’s largest community HIV services. In 2002, the clinic moved across Bourke Street to its current location and in mid-2023, was purchased by the team from East Sydney Doctors (previously 407 Doctors) and Bondi Road Doctors, who share the existing vision of providing care for everyone.

The clinic is staffed by male and female Sexual Health physicians (Fellows of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine) and Vocationally Registered General Practitioners. We have a special interest in HIV treatment and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), LGBTQIA+ health, family planning and general practice care.

Our entire team strive to provide high quality care for all patients. We are committed to providing training to medical students and registrars and contributing to medical research through our busy clinical trials service.

We welcome both our existing and new patients to the clinic. We hope that you enjoy the relaxed, community based and friendly atmosphere of Taylor Square Private Clinic.


Our Services

At Taylor Square Private Clinic, we offer a wide range of medical services to meet the needs of our patients. Our services include Sexual Health Consultations and screening, HIV Testing and Treatment, PeEP prescriptions and Family Planning. Our experienced doctors and staff are committed to providing compassionate and personalised care to each patient. 

HIV Testing

and management






Check Ups



Our Team


Clinical Trials

Taylor Square Private Clinic has been actively involved in Clinical Trials for more than 30 years. We
have a clinical trials team and participate in research to assist with the development of new
strategies to treat or prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Talk to your GP if you’d
like to participate or to learn more about which trials are currently recruiting.

More detailed info about or trials department coming soon

Contact Us

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri


8:00 am – 6:00 pm

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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