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Our Fees

Our Doctors charge a fee-for-service at this clinic.

Payment is required at the time of consultation. We do not issue accounts.
Our staff will electronically bill and send off claims to Medicare on your behalf.

You will receive a rebate from Medicare, usually within 2 days.

You will not need to attend a Medicare office.

We accept walk ins.


Less than 20 minutes


$41.20 Medicare Rebate

1-2 simple issues or a quick procedure such as a throat swab.


20 - 40 mintues


$79.70 Medicare Rebate

2-3 Simple or 1 complex issues, procedure or full check-up


More than 40 minues


$117.40 Medicare Rebate

2-3 complex issues or a
complex procedure

Please note: In most cases, new patients will require a long consultation for the first visit.

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